Your Unique Value

Your Unique Value Could Be A Game Changer

Bring your unique value to the table and don’t be afraid if no one else is doing what you want to do. Your uniqueness can be an innovation and can help gain you career security because you’ll be out there providing something that no one else thought to provide.

Speaking of uniqueness, I briefly worked for a company that provided airlines with a really unique value proposition for SEO, which is a great example of how doing your own thing can be a really valuable proposition. What this company did was create landing pages for each one of the airline’s routes. That means that this company created a web page for New York to Chicago, Chicago to New York, New York to Boston, Boston to New York, Boston to San Diego, San Diego to Boston, etc, etc, etc…

This was a totally unique value proposition at the time and helped airlines rate higher in Google search results for someone looking to fly between two different places. This resulted in more sales for the airlines, and they were really happy with this service.

Your Unique Value

Rating higher in Google search results is important, but what’s more important is providing value in a way that you think is a good idea. There was no playbook saying that creating a landing page for each route was a good idea. This company just figured out that it worked and went ahead and did it when nobody else was.

Your Unique Value

You bring a unique value, so don’t get too hung up if you feel like your value is too niche or hasn’t been promoted before. Like the company I used to work for, if it’s a good idea, it will work. You just need to follow through in order to build something that brings value to people and your network so that you can create career security.

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