Starting Out

Stand Out had the opportunity to create this new comedy podcast’s digital presence from scratch. To start there was the issue of hosting; hosting for large files can get expensive. The free solution we decided on was to host the podcast on, which also takes care of distribution of the RSS feed. We use the website primarily as a hub for displaying the episodes, and for selling merchandise.

Lots Of Content

Beginning any creative endeavor requires a great deal of content. The WATL podcast decided to record 10 episodes before publishing anything or going live with the website. This shows the potential new listener that, although this is a new podcast, it will be around for a long time and is worth getting emotionally invested in.

Stand Out Branding WATL Episodes A Godsend is a mission driven company that believes in opening the podcasting space to all. This dedication to encouraging artistic expression is terrific. The fact that the platform provides detailed tracking numbers across podcast distributors is such a bonus. Values driven businesses benefit the world at large.


Selling merchandise online can be difficult considering the logistics involved with shipping. By combining WooCommerce and drop-shipping with Printify, this podcast gets to focus on creating content, rather than filling orders or going to the post office or storing merchandise. 

Stand Out Branding WATL Merch
Stand Out Branding WATL Patreon


Podcasts are a medium that requires listener support, so having a Patreon set up is a must. This combined with merchandise, and additional listener support from advertising on should allow the podcast to begin to make money soon that can then be put into digital advertising to increase its reach to a wider audience.