Starting Out

When we began working with each other, Ego Actus had a website that was not mobile responsive, and they were getting charged $50 each time they wanted to put up a page by their web developer. 

So, the first thing I did was fix those two issues. First, I got them set up on WordPress, so they would have a responsive website.

“Stand Out helped us identify and clearly define our values. From there, we started using those values in all of our communications and advertisements. That small difference helped us forge much stronger connections with our fans and I’ve noticed an uptick in ticket sales and a lot more repeat ticket buyers.”
-Joan Kane
Founder, Ego Actus Theatre Company

Then I taught them how to use the platform themselves so that they would never need to rely on another person to maintain their website again.

After that we identified their values and set out use their social media platform more effectively to drive ticket sales.

Through actively listening to Ego Actus’ stakeholders and engaging with them, I figured out that the most effective marketing platform for them would actually be email and newsletter marketing.

Together we implemented these verticals and now they are selling more tickets than ever before and their site drives traffic consistently with the purpose of advertising those shows.

We started by identifying and codifying the values of this company. Why were they making theatre in the first place? We ended up with clearly defined values and I think these slogans communicate them effectively.

Identifying Values

Looking For Results

Then we discussed their business model and what helped them get people to buy tickets  to their shows most effectively. It turned out that the best way for them to reach their fan base was through regular emails. So we made sure they were collecting emails at every show and through their website.

In order to get these creative types to post on social media regularly, we had to create a strict schedule for them to follow. In order to provide value with each post, we figured out that we could spotlight different actors and actresses we have worked with; thus benefiting the creative community in NYC. We showed our values through this by spotlighting independent performers who might not otherwise get a platform. A benefit of this strategy for the theatre company itself is that, through these spotlights, we have an opportunity to show our email list to people who are interested in NYC actors and actresses. This is our exact target audience.

Implementing A Customized Social Media Strategy