Starting Out

Demesmin and Dover is a law firm in South Florida. When we began working together they needed a website that was a better funnel for generating new clients and a web developer who was more responsive than their last one. To address both of those issues I: 1) remade their website and digital presence for the purpose of creating a “funnel” for getting them new clients, and 2) created a schedule whereby we would set out the events that needed to occur a few weeks in advance. In addition to that, I have made sure to communicate frequently with this client and ensure that any changes or updates they need made get completed within a few days of their request (a few days at the most).

Finally (and I will harp on this until I am blue in the face), I made sure that we incorporate their law firm’s values into all of their digital communications. Luckily for me, they had already codified their values in the slogan: “We Care More” before we began working together.

Playing To Strengths

The partners at this law firm are young, charismatic, and good-looking. As such, they stand out among lawyers and are compelling on camera. We decided to leverage this advantage by creating a YouTube channel where they have been providing information regarding insurance law to the South Florida community since I began working with them several months ago.


We incorporated best-practices of SEO by including detailed text for each area of law practiced by Demesmin and Dover. Each area of law is listed together on one page, with a link to a detailed description of that area of law on another.

Click above to view full sized image.

Click above to view full sized image.

Social Media Integration

I integrated relevant social media channels into D&D’s website to show that they live their creed “We Care More” by providing value to the community through social media. Of note, recently Demesmin and Dover ran several raffles during the month of April to help struggling families during the Corona-virus lockdown, with Stand Out Professional Branding implementing the paid social media marketing campaigns.

Cross Promotion With Local Businesses

Demesmin and Dover has engaged in cross promotion with local businesses to promote both together. Promoting close ties with local businesses is good for both, and all boats rise with the incoming tide. Stand Out Branding is to have worked with both businesses to create this video and distribute it on social media.