Utilizing Values-Based Marketing To Drive Reliable Results

Values-based marketing is a marketing strategy whose goal is to get a company’s customers to view buying a company’s product as an expression of values, rather than as a transaction. Stand Out Professional Branding uses this strategy to attain career security for our job seeking clients, and to get higher paying, more loyal customers for our business clients.

Stand Out’s values are simple: we exist to help job seekers and business owners attain career security through values-based branding.

You can hire us to help you gain career security with branding and marketing for your business here, or to brand and market you for your job search here.

You can begin our process for free by using our pdf, “Finding Your Business Values” below to identify your business values.

Stand Out’s Process

  • We begin the process by identifying and refining your business values
  • We then develop or re-develop your values, mission statement, and slogan
  • From there, Stand Out listens to your business objectives, and learns about your operations in depth in order to customize our strategy to best achieve your goals within your current infrastructure.
  • We implement Stand Out’s values-based marketing approach, using your values, mission statement, and slogan to direct your digital and in-real-life marketing presence.
  • Stand Out’s digital branding involves the creation of a high volume of consistent content, designed to provide value to those seeing it. This is for the purpose of making meaningful connections with people who value your expertise. You or your business will not be chasing “likes,” “retweets,” “shares,” or any thing that deviates from your actual business goals.

Stand Out marketing works on a a flexible billing structure. We can either work on retainer where we bill bi-weekly, or we can design a marketing plan for you for a one time flat fee.

Either way you want to handle billing, if you are a business owner or job seeker, you can begin this process for free by downloading the pdf “Finding Your Business Values” to start identifying your business values.