You Can Always Reinvent Yourself

You Can Always Reinvent Yourself.

Just because you have a specific job right now, doesn’t mean you have to stay in that job forever. You can break free from boxes like that and reinvent yourself through a variety of means. One way is through personal branding. Another is through career coaching.

Leave Law Behind

Leave Law Behind is a company that helps lawyers break out of the box of “lawyerdom” and pursue alternative careers. They are like an incredibly specific career coach who focuses on solving one problem extremely well. LLB is a good friend of Stand Out Professional Branding, and if you’re a lawyer looking to break out of the law, we couldn’t recommend them more.

What Does It Look Like To Reinvent Yourself?

Leave Law Behind recently published three articles about how to leave the law and reinvent yourself. I present them here now and hope they can benefit you if you’d like to reinvent yourself.

We hear the questions “What can you do with a law degree?” or “What can you do with a law degree besides be a lawyer?” very regularly. These questions occasionally come from students considering going to law school and want to know their future job prospects. More times than not, we hear these questions from current lawyers who are unhappy in the profession, and would like to explore their career options out of the law and want to know what other types of “alternative” jobs and careers they can do with a law degree. 


The truth is that the old maxim “you can do anything with a law degree” actually carries more weight than you may realize. Having coached thousands of attorneys through our blog, how they can land their dream career out of the law, this article lays out a two-step process, you can begin using to determine your ideal job. Read Full Article Here.

If you are looking for a change from your current law job, but you’re not ready yet to entirely stop using your law license, then you may want to consider an in house legal job.
You may feel that an in house legal job can let you have your cake and eat it too: You want to remain as an attorney, but you want to free yourself from most of the stress and anxiety of being an attorney in a firm or solo practice.
There is much truth to this. Casey Berman, Leave Law Behind founder, has been an in house counsel myself, and have helped many unhappy attorneys transition to general counsel jobs. This article will deep dive into the differences between an in house counsel job and the traditional law firm role you have now. We will also explore what you might want to watch out for when you’re considering taking one of these jobs. This article will also help you decide whether an in house legal job might be that stepping stone to your dream career out of the law. Read Full Article Here.
Written by a Leave Law Behind grad who successfully left the law for a management consultant career, this article explores how the song “Don’t Be a Lawyer” from the TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” aligned with his own career path and life journey. 
The author discusses his journey as a lawyer, why he wanted to leave, the steps he took to map his way out of the law and the main revelation he gathered throughout it all. As he writes “I took a long look at myself – if you want to change your life, you have to change yourself first. I really dug deep into who I thought I was, how I saw myself, and what I wanted to be doing with my time. The realization that I was simply not aligned with my true self was jarring. But we can all move forward to our true nature, this much I know.” Read Full Article Here.

It's Never Too Late

It’s never too late to make a change, and if you need to make one, I hope those fantastic articles from Leave Law Behind help inspire you to reinvent yourself.

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