Values Marketing Builds Long Term Relationships

Values-based relationship between a business and a consumer create loyalty. Marylin Manson is a rock and roll singer, who has been popular among his fan-base for the last 30 years. He has gone through several reinventions in that time, with his musical style varying wildly, all the while staying true to a set of values that his marketing has centered around.

Fans have stayed with Manson through several musical genre changes because they’re not really there for his music, they’re there for his values. They’re there because he embodies a certain kind of weirdness that they identify with and like seeing performed. When they buy a ticket to his show, they’re not thinking about the money. They’re excited to be participating in something outside the norm.

Using Values Marketing To Build Loyalty

So, values are important because they facilitate relationships between businesses and customers, with the result being long-term customer loyalty. As long as you stay true to your values, your business relationships will remain solid over time.

If you’re building a personal following to gain career security, or one for your business, you want loyal business relationships that last a long time. That’s where security comes from. Those are the kinds of business relationships that last through recessions, and frankly, those are some of the only business relationships that are built during recessions and bad times.

When I work with someone at Stand Out Professional Branding, the first thing I do with them is establish their values. Everything else, including their social media communications, the events they organize, and even the companies they look to do business with, will be informed by those values that they establish.

The Results Of This Strategy

The end goal from this process is to build the kind of long-term relationships between businesses and customers that Marilyn Manson has cultivated with his career. Those relationships have lasted through several genres of music, fluctuations in popular trends, and even different lineups of the eponymous Marilyn Manson band due to the consistent values on display. To build relationships with the same kind of loyalty, you need to be using your values consistently.

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