Crossposting is when a piece of content from one person appears on another person’s platform. This kind of posting can be really valuable for both the audiences and platforms involved.

The most seemingly obvious reason for the importance of cross posting is “exposure.” If you post on someone else’s platform you’re exposing your work to another person’s audience and you can get some of your audience to become your audience. The same is true for someone posting on your wall.

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Bringing audiences together can benefit everyone.

Bringing Value

Although exposure to a new audience can be valuable, I think the most important part of crossposting is bringing value to each audience.

So, if you’re cross posting on someone else’s platform and you bring value to that audience, you’ve brought a benefit to not only that audience, but also the platform you’re posting on.

The same is true when someone posts on your platform. If they’re bringing value to your audience, you both you and your audience benefit.

Crossposting And Providing Value In Practice

Recently, I’ve posted content from Deaftone Digital on my website, and had my own content featured on the Leave Law Behind blog. In both cases, there was value provided and received in a reciprocal manner, which is a win-win-win. The audience of all three platforms received value, and so did the platforms themselves.


Leave Law Behind Crosspost - Giving And Gaining Value

For Leave Law Behind, I wrote an article about why lawyers want to leave law. Often lawyers know that they are unhappy practicing law, but have a difficult time identifying why this is so. Once they have identified why being a lawyer is making them miserable, they can take the steps to leave law, which is exactly the service that Leave Law Behind provides.

My post provides value to the LLB audience by helping them identify why they are unhappy practicing law, and it provides value to the platform it is posted on by helping guide people toward retaining that platform’s services. Finally, Stand Out Professional Branding is benefited by exposure to Leave Law Behind’s audience.

DeafTone Digital Crosspost - Giving and Gaining Value

Deaftone Digital recently shared what their process of applying business values looked like on this platform. And they used a framework provided on Stand Out Professional Branding’s website to do so. It was hugely beneficial to Stand Out to have a real brand be willing demonstrate, in their own words, what it looks like to implement branding methodology that Stand Out sells.

Testimonials like this help drive business as much as anything else. And finally, DeafTone Digital benefited by gaining exposure to Stand Out’s audience. Another win-win-win.


Crossposting can be very beneficial for brands. But, instead of focusing on the exposure to be gained, focus on the value to be given when you’re providing content.

If you do that, you put your foot forward in the best way possible to a new audience, establish long lasting relationships with other businesses, and you will benefit from these things the most in the long term.

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