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Leave Law Behind

Although personal branding with Stand Out Professional Branding is definitely a strong way to go when you’re looking for a career change or get a new job, there are other ways to do that. Especially if you’re a lawyer.

Leave Law Behind is a company that helps lawyers transition out of law. And if you’re a lawyer, they can be a powerful resource for helping you leave a profession that is making you miserable.

Below I’ve included some articles and summaries from their blog to give you a sense of how Leave Law Behind can help you leave your frustrating, miserable career as an attorney, and transition to something much better suited to you.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Career Out of the Law

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Summary –> Are you an unhappy attorney struggling to live the life you truly want? Do you feel like you’re hopelessly trapped in the practice of law? Are you not clear on the next steps you can take to leave the law and find an alternative career that you like (or even love)? In this article, the team at Leave Law Behind will discuss how you can take your first steps out of the law and make a satisfying career change. They will also highlight and prepare you for some of the challenges you will encounter as you begin this process.

The Real (Surprising) Reason You Hate Being a Lawyer

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Summary–> If you are tired of being a lawyer or you feel being a lawyer sucks, the team at Leave Law Behind understands. In this article, they help you unpack the core reason why you hate being an attorney (which they think will surprise you) and learn what steps you can take to explore an alternative career out of the law. There is hope!

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Attorney Burnout: Break Free from Your Lawyer Anxiety

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Summary –> If there is one word lawyers in the Leave Law Behind community say more often than any other term, it is “burnout,” as in “I’m so burned out practicing law, I need to leave before my mental and physical health suffers any more.” In this article, the team at Leave Law Behind does a deep dive into what burnout means in the context of lawyers’ health. They examine why being a lawyer takes such a toll on you, as well as provide you with some actionable ways you can free yourself from this “broken system that is the legal profession.”

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