Client Interview: Jeremy Dover, Attorney

Jeremy Dover, Esquire is a founding partner at the Demesmin and Dover Law Firm. He mainly practices Civil Litigation, with a focus on both Personal Injury Protection and Personal Injury Lawsuits. Jeremy is an ethical scholar that focuses on finding innovative arguments for helping his clients, and through his zealous advocacy, he will never settle for less than any of his clients justly deserve. 

Jeremy’s law firm, Demesmin and Dover is a client of Stand Out’s, and we would like to highlight him here.

Humble Beginnings In The Public Sector

Question 1) You started your legal career as a Guardian Ad Litem. That involves an enormous amount of empathy and compassion. Can you talk a little bit about what a GAL does and how you bring that experience into your current practice as a personal injury attorney?

Jeremy Dover: Yes, a Guardian Ad Litem, or “GAL,” is a volunteer advocate for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. A GAL is assigned as an uninterested third party to protect and voice the best interests of the child during their time in the system. GALs and everyone involved in their program do have a lot of compassion and empathy because you see all scenarios from the good to the bad to the worst, and knowing that your work can impact another in such a monumental way is a true motivator. Here, in the personal injury field, we need to maintain a similar level of compassion and empathy. While the practice is different, people in this field, like in the juvenile Dependency field, have experienced a trauma that continues to impact them day to day. Another way to state it is that personal injury involves a present controversy. Being able to be compassionate and empathetic allows us to connect well with our clients and make sure their rights are fully represented when dealing with their case. Just as the GALs advocate for the best interest of the child, we at Demesmin and Dover advocate for the best interest of our client at all times.

Jeremy Dover: Clients Come First

Question 2) Without identifying any clients, what has been the most challenging aspect of opening your own firm and how do you manage to stay client-focused when there are so many other aspects of the business demanding your attention?

J.D.: You must make yourself available to the clients regardless of the other distractions. Business comes with its ups and downs, and challenges will present themselves every day. You need to disconnect when dealing with your clients and avoid bringing any personal or business stressors into the dealings with your clients as they will take away from your attention on the client. The client comes first, period.

Going Above And Beyond

Question 3) What is a way you’ve gone above and beyond for a client recently? What motivated you to want to do that?

J.D.: We try to assist in all aspects regarding a client’s claim. Whether it involves us seeking additional recovery for diminished value, which is when the insurer will not agree to pay out the full amount because it determines the car’s value to have been minimalized by the accident, to directly assisting with the repairs themselves. We do not get compensated for a lot of these issues, but we do it because we are here to help and we truly care for all of our clients. We will make sure to try to answer all of our client’s questions and if they ever come to us with an issue outside of personal injury and outside of our wheel helm, we will be sure to connect them to the best person to assist them.

Jeremy posing with a happy client and his law firm partner Victor Demesmin Jr.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Question 4) What is your favorite part about working with your law firm Partner, Victor Demesmin, Jr.?

J.D.: Victor is not only a great lawyer, but he is also a great entrepreneur and human being. His drive and compassion in everything he does fuels everyone around him including myself. He finds new inventive ways to help our business grow and he never does something without having an underlying plan in mind. He keeps the same drive and compassion in his dealings with clients, friends, and his family at home. He knows how to balance work life with being a great father and husband, which is inspiring to all those around him.

South Florida: Loving Life

Question 5) Why did you choose to become a personal injury lawyer in South Florida? What drew you to this specific field of law?

J.D.: South Florida is where I learned the law, it is where I went to school, and it is where I chose to settle and live. It has such a wide variety of people of all walks of life and it prides me to be able to help these people when in need. I love the atmosphere of South Florida and the people in general, which is why I chose to make it my home.

Athlete, Lawyer, Helper

Question 6) If you weren’t a lawyer, what do you think you’d do for work?

J.D.: Hard question, if I were about a foot taller, I would have been a professional athlete, sadly that was not in the cards for me. But in all reality, I would like to do something that helps people. I always had a heavy interest in both business and the medical field, so maybe some type of entrepreneurial venture incorporating those aspects, but I am happy with the path I chose.

To reach Jeremy Dover at his law firm Demesmin and Dover, you can call (866)-954-6673 or visit their website:

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