Job Hunting Is Lonely And Ineffective, Brand Yourself Instead

Personal Branding Is A Better Way To Get A Job Than Traditional Job Hunting

Results Comparison

Personal Branding

  • Companies approach you to work for them. 
  • Potentially avoid several rounds of interviews because the decision makers at a company want you on board.
  • No need to send out thousands of resumes or spend hours a day searching for jobs.
  • You get to be creative and show off your skills in a way that you’re already good at.
  • Feedback received frequently.

Traditional Job Hunting

  • Sending out thousands of job applications, 99% of which will be ignored.
  • You have to spend hours searching for the right jobs to apply to.
  • Filling out applications takes forever.
  • Everyone else is doing the exact same thing, so unbelievable level of competition.
  • Ghosted constantly during interview process.
  • No way to tell if you’re going in the right direction.

Personal Branding > Job Hunting

Personal branding is a much better way to go than traditional job hunting. If done well, you’re working a lot smarter. Think about it: if you’re constantly publishing the fact that you’re good at what you do online, Google search results for your name are eventually going to reflect that. So, you’ll stand out to companies a lot more than a competitor who just has their LinkedIn profile and maybe some results from a track meet pop up when you Google their name.

Another reason why personal branding is a better idea to use for job hunting is that you’re not just going to get yourself the next job. You’re going to get yourself the next 3 jobs with the connections you make while doing it, so it offers your more security.

How To Get Started Building Your Brand

To start building your brand, you need to decide on your values, and use them in your messaging. Then you need to make a piece of pillar content per week, which you post on a website. From there, you spend the rest of the week posting about that pillar content online. That pillar content needs to give a real value to the person reading, watching, or listening to it. After you’ve begun establishing your digital presence, you need to start creating and organizing in-person events for people in the field you want to enter to gain value from.

To get started establishing your values, you can look at the free PDF here

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