West Kane Kraemer, 38 Years Old

Digital Marketing Professional

Trosterudveien 19B, 0778 Oslo
[email protected] // +47 92 574 474

Key Qualifications

I am a digital growth specialist who helps businesses increase the number of leads they receive, improve the quality of those leads, and improve their return on investment in advertising through hyper-targeted paid Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns and conversion centered landing pages. I have experience at all levels of digital marketing; from working at large digital firms directly servicing international hotel chains, to running campaigns for SaaS providers, to building and maintaining the digital presence of local law firms from scratch. My strengths include ensuring consistent branding across several channels while implementing platform-specific content creation, Rockstar-level WordPress design skills with Elementor, and making data driven marketing decisions with tools like Google Analytics to double down on successful strategies.



May 2023 to Jan 2024

Set up entire marketing and marketing reporting infrastructure from scratch across multiple brands within the company (Abra, Waterguard, and FellTech). Establish digital ad and campaign approval processes. Design and implement digital ad campaigns. Work closely with external agency on content creation.

April 2022 to April 2023

Coordinate the performance marketing of Easee across our local and global teams, in conjunction with our international partner agencies. Set and refine digital marketing user journeys, audience targeting, the setting of KPI’s, and reporting across all of our digital platforms. Implement process standardization across all marketing teams in order to effectively scale our operations. Additionally, I work with the recruiting team to refine and scale our digital marketing efforts for recruitment and employer branding.

October 2021 to Feb 2022

Create ad campaigns, shape international advertising and expansion strategies, implement analytics, report on analytics, flagship website redesign effort. Participate in the creation of case studies. Create content, implement newsletter distribution, work with HubSpot integration.

August 2021 to October 2021

Implementing paid campaigns across Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Worked closely with designers and project managers to shape campaigns and iterate to increase ROI consistently.  Analyzed marketing data to improve performance and created unique audience segmentations to reach target groups.

January 2019 to July 2021

Managing the digital marketing for several companies, ran paid ads across various social media channels. Built and designed websites for digital galas for charities. Create and design organic social media content, create website content adhering to SEO best practices, and implement SEO best practices on backend.

Account Executive, Yelp

January 2019 to August 2019

Utilized Salesforce to maintain a balanced pipeline of new and active prospects. Managed sales cycle from first open call contact to closing transaction. Worked with clients to increase revenue and profitability through Yelp ads. Analyzed client campaigns and recommended optimizations. Designed Yelp ad campaign to target desired demographic. Built and maintained strong relationships with clients to ensure long term partnership. Communicated effectively with team in a leadership role.

Account Executive, Ice Portal

May 2016 to January 2018

Managed accounts of several international hotel chains for our digital photo distribution API. Served as Project Manager for several web development initiatives, coordinating and managing distributed teams of developers. Created technical documentation for processes related to web application development and implementation.

Account Executive, Corey Consulting

January 2019 to August 2019

Sourced leads independently for web development projects and closed sales with clients. Project manager, running web development team’s operations and ensuring the client’s website met all of their technical specifications.

LinkedIn Recommendations


Digital Marketing podcast I created and host. On the show I interview digital marketing professionals on successful strategies they have implemented. On the podcast I also present successful strategies I have implemented. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Digital Marketing Success Stories October 2020 – Present




University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctor (JD), 2011-2014

University of Edinburgh School of Law, Legum Master (LLM), 2008-2009

Hartwick College, Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology (BA), 2003-2007


Noble Desktop, iOS Development Certificate, August – Nov 2018

Wyncode Academy, Full Stack Web Dev Boot Camp, Sept – October 2015


Norwegian (A2)

English (Native Speaker)​

German (Intermediate)​

Spanish (Intermediate)

Business To Business Digital Marketing - Some Illustrative Examples

General Principles

For Business To Business Digital Marketing, Start With LinkedIn

When targeting a Business to Business Digital Marketing campaign, your funnel should start with LinkedIn. Here you can target your ads by specific company, seniority, job title, and much, much more.

So, if you were looking to target decision makers in a specific field, you could make a list of companies in that field who you want to do business with, and target your ads toward their leadership team.

If you do not know the companies in the field you want to do business with specifically, you can just target your ads by industry, and LinkedIn will target those companies for you.


Use Lead Gen Forms For The LinkedIn Ad Objective

In practice, I have found that using the Lead Gen Form as the objective of the LinkedIn ad yields the greatest ROI because:

1) You can get leads directly from your ad via pre-filled out forms that users only have to click “submit” to send.  This greatly reduces the number off steps it takes before you connect with a potential client.

2) You still get to display video, image, or carousel content in your ad, leading the potential customer into your funnel via your landing pages through ad clicks.

Track Your Ads With UTM Links And Show A Follow Up Ad In Google Search Results Or Display.

For each ad you create, you want to use a UTM link, coordinated with Google’s Tag Manager and Analytics, to create a re-marketing audience to advertise to on Google’s ads network on Display or Search results. This way, you can get your ad in front of the same audience several times, or coordinate a user journey where a client who has seen one ad, will then see another ad, in the order you decide.

Use Facebook For Re-marketing With Business To Business Ads.

For each ad you create, you ideally want to create a re-marketing audience out of those who arrived at the landing page your ad is pointed to. Using the Facebook pixel, you can create an audience of people who have already been to your advertising campaign’s landing page to rem-market to. 

This ad set should not start until a week or two after you original set of ads begin on LinkedIn, so that an audience can begin to populate. 

Landing Pages For Business To Business Digital Marketing

From a business perspective, there are two important parts of your landing page: 

1) The value you’re providing your potential customer, reflected by the ad they clicked on to get there.

2) The Call To Action, spurring that customer to contact you so that you can do business together.

An Example Of How To Implement Business To Business Digital Marketing

Hypothetical B2B Client

A company that produces Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) that wants to increase its marketshare in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Let’s call them “ERP Systems INC.”

Value Propositions

The first thing we want to do is decide on our value propositions. What does ERP Systems INC. bring to the table that is unique?

Once we have at least 3 value propositions laid out, we want to decide on the length of our campaign and the budget. For a campaign that is aimed at a large scale operation, with multiple layers of decision makers, I would suggest a campaign length of no less than 6 months. Deals of this magnitude take more time to come together than deals among smaller companies, and it will take a lot of investment for an automotive manufacturer to engage a new ERP system.

Types Of Content For Business To Business Digital Marketing

Video – 1 Minute Video detailing a single value proposition.

Video Snippet – A shorter version of this same ad, with a 10 second running time.

Testimonial – A testimonial from an existing client regarding a single value proposition.

Picture Carousel – A carousel of no less than 3 images with graphics detailing a single value proposition.

Each of the 3 value propositions should have 1 of each of the above items dedicated to it, fit for paid distribution over marketing and re-marketing channels.

So, value proposition 1 should have a: video, video snippet, testimonial, and picture carousel. And the same should be true of value proposition 2 and 3.

Audience - LinkedIn

This is perhaps the most important part of running a paid B2B campaign.

The most accurate way to market to the businesses you want to attract is to research who your ideal customer actually is, and target your ads toward the senior leadership of that corporation. With LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can do exactly that.

For the purposes of re-Marketing on LinkedIn, you can add people who have watched over 50% of your video content, along with those who clicked on your Lead Gen form, but did not actually press submit. So, as the campaign builds the minimum threshold of 300 people to populate that group, you can then begin including them in your audience.

Campaigns & A/B Testing - LinkedIn

Because we have 6 months to run this campaign, we have time to test different strategies against one another and then pivot our resources based on results. I like to start by running a separate campaign for each value proposition, with a separate piece of content for the first two weeks, to see if one type of media outperforms the others. Then ones the data are in, we use that data to take our next steps.

If video was successful, then we post videos for the other two value propositions, and allow time for our re-marketing audience to grow. From there we schedule the rest of the content to run on LinkedIn, with new content coming once a week or so, and running for the next two months or so.

The reason we don’t schedule the whole campaign in advance is because we’re always going to be changing in response to the data in order to increase performance.

Re-marketing - Facebook & Google

With display ads on Google, we can target people who have clicked on our landing page, both from our LinkedIn ads, and from other sources. In conjunction with Analytics and Tag Manager, we can send our content to these audiences. The same is true for Facebook.

Enable Audience Network?

I am generally against enabling the audience network on non-re-marketing campaigns because you simply do not know where you are reaching someone when you ad appears here. If someone is already interested in your product and is reading a digital magazine about fishing, then if they see our ad, that can yield an ROI. But if someone is reading that same digital fishing magazine and we do not have any indication that they are interested in our product, our ad will probably not be valuable to us. 

An Art, Not A Science

After the set up of the campaign, it is difficult to say what it will look like, because it should continue to evolve in response to performance as you see the data grow.

Additionally, there are many different ways to run a successful campaign. Creative directors might have different ideas for what types of content should be created, and that is okay. As long as the team of creatives, performance marketers, and project managers are all pulling in the same direction, the campaign created stands a strong likelihood of being successful.

Trosterudveien 19B, 0778 Oslo
[email protected] // +47 92 574 474