West Kraemer On: How To Build A Brand Basics Part 2

Hello again, I’m West Kraemer, founder of Stand Out Professional Branding, and I’m here to show you how your business values can successfully shape your branding. In part 1 of this series we talked about how your digital presence should be established and gave you a schedule to maintain for posting your content. 

The Foundation Of Your Messaging

Here in part 2, I’m going to talk about what the foundation of all of your messaging is going to be. This is going to help you establish your business values, mission statement, and slogan.

How To Find Your Business Values

Ultimately, to find your values, you want to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What result do you want to drive with your career?
  2. Why do you want to drive that result?

The answers to those questions, combined, are your business values. For a deeper dive into this subject, you can have a look at this article, which has more questions on the topic.

An Example Of Business Values

So, here’s an example from my life to get you started. I, West Kraemer, decided to create a digital marketing company because I want to help people gain career security.

The reason for this is because I graduated University into the 2008 financial crisis, and I want to help people avoid the difficulties I saw happening all around me at that time.

Turning Values Into Content

From these values, I created a mission statement, and slogan, which you can find here. Looking at the content on this website, you can see, it all relates back to the values, mission statement, and slogan.

When you’re putting out your pillar content, it should all come back to your values. Every time I put out a post, I think “will this post help a job seeker gain career security?” If the answer to that question is yes, then I know I’ve written a piece of pillar content that aligns with my values.

So, when you’re creating your content, think about what your values are, and then think about how you can advance those values with your content.

Next Steps

Okay, this is West Kraemer, founder at Stand Out Professional Branding, thanking you for reading this two part series. I sincerely hope it helps you start building your brand that results in career security.

If you want to hire Stand Out Professional Branding to help you build your brand and identify your values as effectively and efficiently as possible (we do most of the technical heavy lifting so that you can focus essentially just on creating content), you can hire us here if you’re a job seeker, and here if you’re a business owner.

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